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Get Cashback 5times

We know with every bet you place, there is a chance you might not win, which is why sometimes getting something back from a lost bet can feel like a win in itself.

This is why BetKing Nigeria is excited to offer 5X Cashback, a new betting cashback offer for new customers who add and verify their bank account details. Starting from the next working day, customers will receive a 50% cashback up to ₦5,000 directly into their BetKing Nigeria account.

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To be eligible for this promotion, customers must be new to BetKing and must place qualifying bets that meet the criteria for cashback. Qualifying bets will receive their bonus cashback within 24 hours after bet settlement, directly into their BetKing account if their banking account has been added to their BetKing profile.

New customers will qualify for the cashback promotion on a maximum of 5 bets, which will be the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 11th bets, up to a maximum total of ₦25,000.

But wait, it gets even better. If you place a qualifying bet on a weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) during the promotion, you’ll receive 5 times the bet bonus cashback on the following Monday.

Let’s break it down with an example. If you place a bet of ₦2,000, you’ll receive ₦1,000 as cashback. And if you really go for it and place a bet of ₦10,000, you’ll receive a whopping ₦5,000 as cashback.

Keep in mind that if you cash out any of your non-cashback eligible bets, you will no longer be eligible for additional cashbacks. So be sure to choose wisely and maximize your chances of earning some extra cashback.

If you’re a new customer of BetKing Nigeria, this cashback offer is a no-brainer. Add and verify your bank account details, place your qualifying bets, and receive up to 50% cashback up to ₦5,000, directly into your BetKing account. What are you waiting for? Start betting and earning today!

Learn more about 5X cashback below!



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