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FIFA World Cup 2022

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3 games to play on the BetKing World Kup Hub  

Ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, there was a lot of excitement about the first World Cup held in winter and the first-ever World Cup held in the Middle East. The tournament has delivered on and off the pitch, making keeping up with all that is happening sometimes overwhelming.  

The BetKing World Kup Hub helps keep you abreast of all the information about the World Cup you might seek, with fun games, match previews and the best betting odds. 

The World Kup Hub’s gaming section, which is perhaps the most entertaining part, tests your knowledge of the World Cup teams and players through a variety of interactive activities that are entertaining to play alone or against friends if you’re feeling competitive. 

The games not only provide users with entertainment but also educational information on the World Cup teams. 

Here are three games you can play on the World Kup Hub: 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Logo PNG Vector (SVG) Free Download Guess the nation 

 There has never been a greater variety of nationalities playing across football leagues around the world for different clubs. At the 2022 Qatar World Cup, National teams are composed of players employed by various clubs making for some interesting lineups. 

To play guess the nation, you are presented with a picture of a country’s lineup, but rather than the players’ names or pictures you are shown their club badges. 

This requires a knowledge of the clubs these players are at and can often be made more intriguing when the lineup does not feature the starting eleven you usually see. 

Overall, it is a fun test of one’s knowledge of the National teams and clubs.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Logo PNG Vector (SVG) Free Download Guess the Player by Transfer 

 The premise of guess the player by transfer is simple: can you guess the player only by their globe-trotting transfer history? 

You are shown options amongst which one is the correct answer and required to match the transfer history to the right player. 

The most difficult part of this is keeping track of the player’s earlier clubs, for example, most people forget Erling Haaland started out at Molde and that can often trip one up. All in all, it is wholesome fun matching players according to the clubs they have played for. 

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Logo PNG Vector (SVG) Free Download Guess my Value 

 There is a lot made about the value of footballers these days, their value can spike or dip depending on various factors. For example, some players will see their value rise based on their performance at the World Cup, knowing how up and down player valuation is makes this a fun game to play. 

Users are presented with two images, the one on the top shows a player and their transfer market value, while the one at the bottom shows another player with no market value shown. You are meant to swipe right or left based on whether you think the value of the player at the bottom is higher or lower than that of the player on top. 

As simple as this sounds, get ready for many surprises when you play this game. 


Visit to experience the World Kup Hub for yourself and join in the fun. 

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