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OnDemand Instant Virtual Launch

Introducing our new Virtual Instant Leagues 

One of the best things about virtual football games is the ability to kick back, relax, get your game results in less than 3 minutes.  

However, there are times when, pressed for time, the option to skip to a different round of the game or directly to the end also comes in handy. Bearing that in mind, we launched our new Virtual Football Leagues – The Virtual Instant Leagues to do just that.  

Read on below to find out how you can enjoy our new Virtual Instant Leagues below or click HERE to read the FAQ & Terms and Condition page.

How does BetKing’s new Virtual Instant Leagues work? 

BetKing has launched a product that lets you be more hands-on with Virtual leagues. Simply put, you get more control over the pace of the game.  

Using the situation above as an example, you can initiate game round(s) whenever you want and either skip to the next round or to the result to find out whether you won or lost your bet instead of waiting for the in-play part of the game to be concluded. This way, you can skip rounds to find your favourite matches or odds, or a play right away!  

How to play the new Virtual Instant Leagues. 

On the BetKing mobile homepage,  click on the down arrow to expand the homepage menu and click on ‘Virtual Games’ to land on the Virtual Games Lobby. Select either ‘Kings InstaLeague’ or ‘Kings InstaLiga’ and start playing. Because you have control, you can choose what round you desire to play by clicking on ‘Skip Round’ at the bottom of the page.  

Place your bets, wait for the results to know if you’ve won the bet. Rinse and repeat to win as much as you can.

Advantages of the improved King’s League 

You get several advantages from playing the BetKing’s new Virtual Instant Leagues such as:   

  • Added flexibility: By choosing to skip to the result or next round, you get more control on what you play and when you play. Play your favorite matches and odds for the best thrill!   
  • More ways to win: In addition to the more traditional sports betting and existing virtual leagues, the new Virtual Instant Leagues give you an extra way to win as much as you can, by playing on your favorite betting markets. 
  • Best Pricing: Virtual Instant Leagues have the best pricing you will find on the market, all this with a trusted platform to ensure the game’s fairness.  

What are you waiting for? Start playing the new Virtual Instant Leagues today!

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