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Wilder vs Helenius 🥊


Boxing ​Betting Preview 

There is arguably no sport as unforgiving as Boxing. Each combatant has to be 100% in the moment and focused on their opponent in the ring, acutely aware that the slightest slip could lead to their loss and eventual irrelevance in the sport.  

Deontay Wilder vs Robert Helenius live results, video stream, play-by-play, highlights, how to watch - Bloody Elbow

If boxing is arguably the most unforgiving sport, there is little doubt when it comes to which division in the sport is the most challenging. The Heavyweight division in boxing has always been the sport’s biggest draw and tomorrow night, a fighter once tipped to ascend to the pinnacle of boxing finds himself handed a rare opportunity to ascend to the rarefied heights he once breathed once more.  

Two roads lie before Deontay Wilder; win and announce his return to contention at the very top once more, or lose and confirm that the naysayers were right all along and all he had was a powerful punch?  

We’ll see what happens tomorrow but first, the preview. 

Individual stats 

Both fighters are literal giants. Wilder, a.k.a ‘the Bronze Bomber” stands at 6’7” (2.01 metres) while Helenius, a.k.a “the Nordic Nightmare” is a shade shorter at 6’6”¾ (2.0 metres). That height means both fighters have enormous reaches. The American has a longer reach of 83” (211cm) wile his Scandinavian adversary has a reach of 79”, 10 centimeters less at 201 cm.  

Both fighters have orthodox stances, neither will have the advantage of coming at the other from unorthodox angles. Wilder dropped 24lbs to weigh in at 226lbs (102.73kg) while Helenius weighs in at 243lbs (110.45kg). a lighter Wilder will have more mobility, but you can trust the wily Helenius to bring his superior weight to bear in clinches.  

Wilder has a superior boxing record too with his 42-2-1 record. He has won more fights, lost less, and drawn one more than Helenius (31-3-0). At 36, Wilder is also 2 years younger than the 38-year-old Helenius.  

Boxing: Deontay Wilder returns to face off against Robert Helenius on October 15 | Marca


Aware of how much he has to lose, Wilder will be more cautious and unleash his right-hand cannon sparingly, aware of how much stopping power his opponent also possesses. The weight he has dropped also gives away his game plan, he will attempt to dance around more and tire out the heavier Helenius before going in for the kill.  

Helenius is no mere journeyman being offered up for the kill, either. The Swedish-Finnish boxer has won 6 of his last 7 games and will prove to be a formidable opponent for the American. Expect him to prioritize body blows against Wilder. 


Our picks 

Wilder @1.12 to win 



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