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Who is Salima Mukansanga? Meet The 4 Female African Referees At Afcon!

Afcon female referees

Afcon is known for creating history with its exciting and adrenaline-filled matches between some of Africa’s top powerhouses. But this year, the tournament boasted another type of achievement during the match between Zimbabwe and Guinea.


For the very first time in Afcon history, the entire officiating crew of the match comprised of women. The head referee of the game was Salima Mukansanga, who comes from Rwanda. Her other officiating crew consisted of the following members:

  • Fatiha Jermoumi from Morocco
  • Carin Atemzabong from Cameroon
  • Bouchra Karoubi from Morocco

This was surely a monumental moment not only for the Afcon tournament but for Africa as a whole, putting the continent on the map for female empowerment.

In an interview with ESPN, Mukansanga said that she was proud of this achievement. She believed they had shown the world that women could also referee a man’s game at a tough level and succeed. She added that the laws of the game were the same, and with the inclusion of the VAR technology, the time was not far off when women would be officiating at the World Cup and the Olympics even.

Mukasanga had already made history when she became the first woman to officiate an Afcon match when she was the 4th official in the Guinea vs Malawi clash on January 10th. She said that she had a message for women all over the world to support her and to believe in themselves to be able to do what they wanted.

CAF’s refereeing chief Eddy Maillet said that this was a moment for every young girl in Africa with a passion for football who sees herself as a referee in the future.

Afcon 2021 has so far been one of the most exciting seasons in the tournament’s history. And with Round 1 wrapping up, we’ve got a lot more excitement to look forward to in the upcoming Afcon fixtures in the Round of 16. Check out our Afcon bet predictions and place your bets now!

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