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The Best Twitter Reactions from Liverpool’s demolition of Man. United at Old Trafford

Liverpool thrashed Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday. It was a sobering experience for Manchester United fans, with #OleOut trending for hours on Twitter, but for opposition fans, it was a sheer delight to see United a shadow of their former selves as Liverpool ran them riot and took them apart piece by piece. Some might even say a 0 – 5 scoreline does not reflect the true dominance of Liverpool over Manchester United on the evening. A Pogba red card could have been an added advantage but Liverpool who had scored 5 goals at the time seemed to relax and dropped the tempo somewhat.

Twitter was of course agog, and we have compiled some of the best reactions to the Horror at Old Trafford yesterday.

1. De Gea Trolled
Flexx posted an image of Sabinus from a skit depicting De Gea’s misery every time Liverpool attacked his goal and it is ridiculously hilarious and accurate.

2. Like 2019, like 2021.
This Tweet from Debola in 2019 emerged again and was making the rounds on Twitter last night, and it captures the frustration of Manchester United fans, and the envy they have towards their noisy neighbours who have enjoyed more success than they have in recent times. Should Manchester United and Manchester City form a merger? A City United? Then at least the City fans would be able to claim United’s Champions League trophies.

3. Shaw doesn’t get spared
Remember when Mourinho dropped Shaw for being overweight? Remember when Shaw massively improved after Mourinho left and how his fanboys hyped him? Shaw has been a shadow of the player that played so impressively in 2020 that he sealed the England left-back position at the Euros. Sparks63 trolls Shaw with a photoshopped image and a caption that says ‘I proved Mourinho wrong’. Well done with the sarcasm.

4. #OleIn
Deji is certainly an opposition fan that doesn’t want Ole sacked so his team can pick easy points off Manchester United. He is here with some seeming words of wisdom but we know he doesn’t really mean it.

5. Where are the Tap Ins?
This picture of Ronaldo yelling at a referee is never not funny, no matter the context. Here Cindy plays on the rumour earlier in the season that Ronaldo was set to join Manchester City, and the banter of him being washed up and only scoring tap-ins to troll Ronaldo and Manchester United fans.

6. Frank breaks it down
Former host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Nigeria, and ardent Chelsea supporter, Frank Edoho was quick to remind his followers and Manchester United fans of their humiliation.

7. Turning Tables feat Manchester United
Roman’s reign at Chelsea as not been short of managerial sacks, and fans of other clubs used to give the club stick for it especially in a league that saw managers such as Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger remain at the club for decades. It’s a different story now, seeing as post-Fergie Manchester United has had 4 different managers, and United fans are constantly calling for the sack of the current. Malik with a philosophical reminder.

8. The Class of 92 aren’t left out.
When the media agenda picked up against Mourinho, the culprits were former United players now pundits with several media houses in the UK. Much was said about the United DNA and that is what Biola references in this tweet, trolling the Class of 92 players who have often stood behind Ole and not criticized him because they were all teammates at Manchester United .


9. Weak Password
United conceded a third of their total goals conceded this season against Liverpool. With De Gea letting 5 past him, In 2014, Manchester United Twitter account posted a picture of a young De Gea in front of a goal post with outstretched arms and captioned it Thou shall not pass. This Twitter user went back to the tweet and quoted it with “password:12345”. That’s gotta hurt.

10. Humbled
Popular United fan account UTDTrey, portrayed the feelings of many Manchester United fans when he tweeted this

Maybe there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe Ole will get sacked, Maybe the board will hire Zidane, but there’s an EFL game in midweek, and maybe, oh, Manchester United are knocked out of that? It’s worse than we thought guys.

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