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Why you Should Become a BetKing Agent Today

Why you Should Become a BetKing Agent Today image

Starting a business has become easier than ever these days. With the help of the internet and modern-day technology, you can begin a business that profits you throughout the year and ensures a great income source. One of the best businesses you can step into today is the sports betting business. With a fast-growing demand and an already large existing customer base, a business in online betting and betting agency services will profit you immensely in mere days. 


The best place to become a betting agent is BetKing, the best sports betting company in Nigeria. Widely popular and with agency services in 5 Nigerian states, there are limitless opportunities to increase your betting business. The company provides nationwide betting services in all popular games like football, basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, hockey, and an amazing collection of virtual games like the Kings’ League and BetKings’ Liga. So let’s see some benefits of becoming a BetKing’s betting agent:-


Lowest starting capital

Starting a business can be a pain, especially if you have to spend a considerable amount of capital on the start-up. Luckily, BetKing doesn’t require a tremendous amount of your hard-earned money to become a BetKing agent. All you need is the lowest starting capital of N25,000, and you are good to go!


Best competitive odds on sports

You can not be an expert in the business without stepping into the field yourself. Hence, to ease your descent into the betting game, BetKing provides you with the best competitive odds on sports so that you are always ahead of everyone else. Additionally, you can attract more clients by using the best industry odds and soon have a self-made betting empire. 


Unlimited bonuses 

Not only do you get to have inside deets and best industry odds on the popular sports betting tournaments, but you also receive limitless bonuses and promotions every week and month to facilitate your betting. BetKing awards you on your impressive turnovers, which you can use to attract more business and become the best betting agent ever!


Free tech devices and installation aid

BetKing is the best sports betting company in Nigeria because it understands that not everyone is well-versed with the latest technology and, thus, provides you with free equipment and guides you to kick-start your business. Besides free casino equipment, BetKing also brings you free installation of the latest tech equipment so that your business is always in full bloom.


Ever-present customer support team

A successful business can only continue to grow if the best customer support team backs it. Betting is a delicate sport, and countless issues can arise while your clientele is enjoying a match and betting. Hence, BetKing brings an ever responsive and the best customer support team to you to aid you throughout your business and help you have the best betting experience. 


Now that you know about everything that you can get by becoming a BetKing agent, it’s time to check for the basic requirements of becoming one. Here is what you will need:-


  • A shop at the centre of your local market.
  • Space to seat five cashiers in your shop.
  • At least three laptops.
  • At least two thermal printers.
  • Stable and fast internet connection.
  • Electricity supply.


It is also important to note that there should be no other BetKing agents near you within 10 minutes of walking distance. Now that you know everything, go ahead and become a BetKing agent!

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