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Heres what people bet on in Nigeria

Heres what people bet on in Nigeria image



Betting has long been an integral part of several cultures. Several cultures proudly indulge in betting, from ancient Greek’s betting on Olympic games to Gladiator dual bets. One such culture that has always enjoyed betting and continues to do so is the Nigerian culture. Betting in Nigeria spiked in colonial times around the 1920s when the African population became accustomed to pool betting. 


Today betting in Nigeria is an everyday activity, and people enjoy indulging in their favourite sports and making an income out of it. Nigeria has long been a country that immensely enjoys participating in sports and showing a passion for their beloved teams. Betting in one way is to show support for their favourite players and sports, and online betting and gambling is hence growing steeply. 

Here, you will see what Nigerians love to bet on: –



Betting has come to the internet from where everyone can try their luck at wagering. Football betting has been popular when football was initially introduced in African countries, and people would bet on live matches. Now, when any football match is taking place anywhere in the world, it can be live-streamed through the internet and people can easily bet on live football matches. With countless football leagues taking place worldwide, there is a new match to bet on each day.


Football is a popular sport to bet on because it has the highest odds in Nigeria. It is a pretty easy game to understand, owing to which 90% of all bets are placed on football alone. Besides this, Nigeria prides itself on being a highly athletic country. Youngsters are usually found in playgrounds playing football. Hence, betting on football is one way for people to show support for their favourite game and get deep knowledge of the game’s working. Another reason is that people above 18 wish to support their favourite teams and have an alternate income. Fortunately, online betting and gambling platforms have made it very easy.



Another of the most famous games is basketball. It is very popular in the betting realms because of its highest odds in Nigeria to win bets. Basketball leagues are countless, and any bettor can find at least one match a day to bet on and enjoy. The game is easy to grasp, and once a bit of time is spent on understanding its bearings, any bettor can make an alternate income which can be pretty decent. BetKing, being the best site for betting in Nigeria, provides several insights into Basketball betting and daily bonuses that allow for smooth wagering and big wins!



Tennis is a highly developed sport in both women’s and men’s leagues and is currently a sport most Nigerians choose when looking to bet. With the highest odds in Nigeria going up to 80%, any knowledgeable bettor can make good use of the odd stakes. It is one of the most favoured online sports betting in Nigeria. Owing to great bonuses and promotions, people love betting on Tennis and having a good time. 

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