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Sports Betting Tips: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Sports Betting is as much a sport of skill as it is of luck. An unaware and uninformed person will find himself soon running out of luck and money if he doesn’t apply basic tips and tricks when placing a bet. If you, too, want to begin your sports betting adventures but are not sure how to start, here are the best sports betting tips you will ever need as a beginner!

Tip 1: Start gradually

If you are completely new to the game, refrain from placing too many bets simultaneously. You can also keep it simple by betting on what we like to call the “beginner market”. E.g. betting on who will win, the number of goals that will be scored, the correct score of the match, and so on. By starting small and simple, you can easily see what works for you. As you go through all the other tips and become aware of the sports betting odds, you can gradually increase your bets and complexity. 

Tip 2: Understand the sports betting trends

The mechanics behind how it all works and what the sports betting trends are can help you place the right bet at the right time. There are several resources available on sports betting websites and other sports websites to keep track of the trends. When in doubt, use statistics and results from previous matches to guide your betting decision. 

You will also need to understand the sports betting odds. The odds mean how likely it is for the outcome you predicted to come true. It is a widespread belief that really high odds mean the outcome is tougher to predict, and lower odds mean that outcome is more prominent. But keep in mind that the higher the odds, the higher the payout.

Tip 3: Pick a spot for betting

Thanks to the internet and telephones, you can choose from a myriad of channels to bet. There are online channels, and many betting companies in Nigeria offer desktop and mobile channels. Some of them even take it a step further by adding a mobile channel that is data lite. Retail or offline channels are also available for new and existing betting customers. As a beginner, make sure that you research the betting company you wish to play with. The governing lotteries board licenses all legal operators, and you can find this information on the lotteries commissions’ sites. 

Tip 4: Limit your expectations

Most beginner betters come with high expectations of making it big in a single game and be a millionaire. In reality, considering that you are still accumulating sports betting tips knowledge, you will win at times but lose at others. Hence, indulge in sports betting as a hobby and not an all-out career. Have fun, but when the fun stops, then you should stop.

Statistics show that even professional sports betters lose their money 40% to 50% of the time, making it a game of true odds. Getting better at the game requires time, and as a beginner, you should always gather sports betting tips knowledge before deciding to go big. 

Tip 5: Manage your Budget

Whether you want to bet out of love for your favourite team or want to make a career out of it, you need to manage your bankroll so that it is not all wiped off. One of the best live sports betting tips here is to have a budget management plan that helps you allocate the right per cent of leisure money to sports betting.

To truly get accustomed to your skill and betting, you will have to save money for the next time. A bankroll management plan ensures you can do so even if you lose bets. 

Tip 6: Get familiar with the terminology

You can’t learn everything at once, but you can learn sports betting terminologies gradually. They are helpful because they help you understand betting even better. A better understanding means a higher chance of winning. Start with getting to know about markets, handicaps, the extra time and full time, favourites, underdogs, spreads, money lines, overs, and under. These terms and the signs accompanying the ( +, – ) are what aids you in placing a bet. Some betting platforms have information within each market that explains what they mean and how they are measured.

Mostly, it is seen that you risk more money betting on an underdog than on a favourite. Again, keep an eye on the trend because sometimes, the underdog could shock the scene at any time!


Now that you have a guide, you can easily use these sports betting tips when attempting your first bet and even evaluating sports betting odds
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